Welcome to the SilvrFire team! We are a company devoted to bringing the biggest conventions to the West Texas area! Below we have listed some of the areas that require awesome volunteers and team members! If you are interested in helping please review these rules and fill out the form! We look forward to having you on the team!




1.Volunteer Relations

As a volunteer you will meet people and experience the comic convention in a way no other group of people will. For this reason we value your opinion and views! If you have any recommendations or ideas to help better the experience for others please let us know!


As a Volunteer you will be representing SilvrFire. Along with doing your assigned duties you will be expected to abide to the following Rules of Conduct:

i.Respect the property of the convention site, the fans, guests, staff members and fellow volunteers.

ii. Respect the direction and decisions of the SilvrFire Staff Members.

iii. Perform your duties to the best of your ability and advice the Volunteer Coordinator if you are unable to work as scheduled.

iv. Deal with conflicts or difficulties in an appropriate manner as outlined in this Volunteer Handbook. (Hand books to be received at 1st meeting)

v. Be courteous, friendly, and cooperative.

vi. Offer constructive feedback about SilvrFire in an appropriate manner.

3.Dress Code

a.Because you will be helping multiple guest it is required that they can identify you!

SilvrFire will be providing each volunteer with their own badge and Shirt. We require that your apparel is in good condition and clean.




Programming volunteers help assist the Programming team with the Programming/Panel rooms. They are responsible for making sure the panels start on time by contacting the SilvrFire Staff in the Autograph and Artist Alley areas 30 minutes prior to each panel to let them know a particular guest/artist panel is coming up. They are also responsible to help fans find seating. Each member of the programming team will be wired in to a communication system in which they will be able to contact the required people immediately.




Registration volunteers are responsible for keeping the Registration Area flowing smoothly. This includes directing the attendees to the correct lines when they arrive. (Exhibitor/Artist/Professional/Guest/VIP/Advance/On-Site/Student Tickets, etc.).

Line Control:

Line Control controls the attendee lines. Wherever there may be an issue with a long line, Line Control will swoop in and keep it under control. Line Control is responsible for making sure that no one gets in without a wristband or a VIP line without a VIP pass.

Artist Alley:

Artist Alley volunteers will assist the artists in this area. You may have to sit at an Artist’s table while they take a break or escort them to the Panel rooms for their programming session(s). You will also control the smaller lines in this area and if the lines get too long.

Autograph Area:

In the Autograph Area, tasks include assisting SilvrFire Staff members keep the lines moving and answering general fan questions. Occasionally we will have volunteers sit at a guest table when they are on break, in a photo op, or at a panel. Please do not linger and hang around celebrity booths without assisting with in that area in some capacity. If we receive any complaints from celebrities that specific volunteers are making them feel uncomfortable, we will ask you to leave. SilvrFire is responsible for keeping a safe and controlled environment for our celebrity guests and talent.

Special Guest Assistance:

Will focus on helping a single celebrity guest for the day. Volunteers will greet guest with inquiries and handle anything the guest requires to make the meeting and signing process go as smoothly as possible.


Prop and Wrist Band inspectors:

Volunteers will (along with security) check any and all weapons that a cosplay brings to the checkpoint. It is also within the guidelines of this specific volunteer to ensure everyone who passes through the checkpoint has an arm band or VIP pass clearly displayed.


SilvrFire thanks you in advance for signing up and we hope to work with

all of you very soon!



(check schedule for official times)
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